Japanese people are searching for purpose and meaning. More and more Japanese people, especially the next generation are hungry for truth. There is an increasing openness to the Gospel.

The harvest is ready. It’s Japan’s time. The time is now. More God cultured workers are needed urgently.

So your support is very much needed. Here is how you can become involved:



Please keep us in your prayers. We need your prayer support first and foremost!

We will be regularly blogging, and general prayer needs will be available to pray for.

You can be added to the emailing list to be notified of these updates when they become available.


Social Media Promotions

You can also help by letting all your friends know about us and that they can support us too.

Go to our facebook page and like us and invite your friends to like us too.



If you would like to partner with us financially through regular giving, please print the "Missionary Support Pledge Form" and return it completed to ACC International Missions.


 ACC International Missions

 C/- Accounts

 5/2-4 Sarton Road



Also available is a Direct Debit Request Form, wherein you can nominate an amount and frequency to be sent.




One off donations can be made either online (this link takes you to ACC International Missions directly - 3% will be deducted from your gift for external admin costs for this method), or by completing the "Remittance Advice" form above and sending it together with your gift, to ACC International Missions.

You will be provided with regular newsletters and updates on where we are at and what is happening fortnightly.

We would love to include all those giving, in the journey with the Geberts in their ministry.

Short Term Missions

For those financially* and prayerfully supporting the Geberts there will also be the opportunity for short term missions trips for individuals and/or groups.

An additional login with all the relevant maps, itineraries and even photo galleries will be provided.

You will be able to meet up with the Geberts on the field and be involved directly in their ministries.

There may be a selection criteria involved, and details are yet to be determined.

So watch this space for updates after the Geberts re-locate to Fukuoka.




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